Simon Shuttle Service

Monday                    11:30AM-8:30 PM

Tuesday                   11:30AM-8:30 PM

Wednesday              11:30AM-8:30 PM

Thursday                  11:30AM-8:30 PM

Friday                       11AM-10:30PM

Saturday                  11AM-10:30PM

Sunday                    12PM-7PM

Phone 512 656-5485

There are multiple options to transportation to and from the Domain. Here are just a few ways to enjoy having someone else behind the wheel.

Cap Metro

Cap Metro offers a variety of methods of transportation including bus, rail and commuter vans. No matter the time of day or night, public transportation is an option in Austin.


One step beyond ridesharing, Cars2Go offers carsharing. You can hop in a car whenever, wherever (with no reservations required).


Ridesharing started in 2010 with the launch of Uber. Since then, the market has been booming with competition and transportation will forever be changed. Never again will one have the need to stand on a street corner, hold up a hand and yell “Taxi”. Thanks, Uber!

Although the Domain is very walkable, there are areas where remaining on a sidewalk is challenging. Please be cautious when walking through parking lots and crossing streets. Due to the hustle and bustle, it is easy for drivers to become distracted. Everyone stay alert and stay safe!